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Using Video Content to Sell Fashion

By Richard Landy

The fashion industry dominates e-commerce, with about 50% of consumers favouring online shopping.

However, selling fashion online presents unique challenges, lacking the tactile experience of trying on clothes. Video content bridges this gap, offering consumers a virtual experience.

Studies show that 58% of shoppers perceive companies using video content as more trustworthy, influencing their buying decisions.

fashion video content
Fashion shoot at Broadley Studios

Video in the Fashion Industry

From high-end fashion houses like Burberry to high-street brands like New Look, video is a cornerstone of marketing and advertising strategies.

Online digital magazines, such as Wonderland Magazine and Net-A-Porter, leverage video to engage and retain visitors, ultimately driving sales.

Innovative approaches like shoppable fashion videos, as seen with, allow viewers to purchase products directly from the video, enhancing confidence in online shopping decisions.

How to Use Video for Fashion E-commerce

Video content finds its home on fashion websites and social media platforms.

Product videos, like those featured on ASOS, showcase garments realistically, reducing returns and boosting consumer confidence.

Across social media, video content fosters engagement and interaction, influencing purchasing decisions. Fashion brands like ASOS and Net-A-Porter repurpose video content across various channels to maximise reach and impact. 

french and saunders unique take on fashion
French and Saunders' very unique take on fashion

How Our London Studios Are Perfect for Fashion Shoots

Our pre-lit studio 2 at serves as the ideal setting for fashion photography and video production.

With a versatile range of lighting equipment and dedicated production support, our studios cater to diverse fashion-themed shoots. Planning is key, and our experienced team ensures seamless execution, from concept to completion.

Top Tips for Filming Fashion


•  Keep it minimal to highlight the clothing.
•  Use professional photography equipment.
•  Establish a timeline for the shoot to manage multiple looks effectively.


•  Compromise on crew quality; invest in experienced professionals.
•  Neglect studio preparation; ensure your studio is well-equipped and flexible to meet your needs.

FAQ: How to Use Video Content to Sell Fashion?

Video content is increasingly a real game-changer when it comes to selling fashion. An inspired video can truly reach and engage your audience, firing their imagination and aspirations and, crucially, encouraging them to click that all-important Buy Now button.

So, remember:

1.  Video can help close the gap between the physical and virtual experience.
2.  If you are not using video, then you are missing out. Many, if not most, brands do.
3.  From product videos to explainer videos to social media, video can communicate your brand values effectively and bring your brand to life.
4.  Choose your studio carefully for your fashion shoots
5.  Keep in mind our top fashion filming dos and don'ts

At Broadley Studios in Marylebone, Central London, our wide range of lighting equipment and studio amenities support successful fashion shoots, allowing for creativity and innovation.

Broadley Studios - THE Video Content Experts

When it comes to filming fashion content, we have extensive experience creating video content for fashion and beauty brands, having worked with everyone from Dior to FILA to Adidas.

To get a flavour of what we can do for you, check out our latest showcase and studio specs. Or why not take a virtual tour of our studios.

For inquiries and bookings, contact us at +442077255858 or email us at [email protected] and experience the difference our studios make in bringing your fashion vision to life.

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