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Case Study
Explainer Videos - Medical Communications Brand

Medical Communications Brand
Informative explainer videos
April 2024

Medical Explainer Videos

In the corporate landscape, effective communication, such as explainer videos, is key to engaging audiences and conveying complex concepts. This case study explores a successful collaboration between Broadley Studios, a renowned film studio, and a leading medical communications and marketing company.

Together, we produced a series of informative explainer videos.

Client Background

The client, a prominent healthcare communication organization, aimed to launch a groundbreaking medical product in biotechnology.

Recognising the necessity to educate their audience about this innovative solution, they sought to produce a series of explainer videos to introduce and explain the benefits of the new product.

Collaboration Details

Broadley Studios, recognized for its expertise in video production, played a crucial role in bringing the client's vision to life. Here's how the collaboration unfolded:
  1. Directorial Expertise: Broadley Studios provided a seasoned director with extensive experience in creating educational content. Working closely with the client, the director ensured the videos effectively showcased the features and benefits of the new product, aligning with the client's marketing objectives.
  2. Presenter Selection: Broadley Studios curated a selection of presenters from its network, ensuring they possessed the necessary expertise to articulate the intricacies of the new product. Each presenter was carefully chosen to convey the information in a clear and engaging manner, maximising audience comprehension.
  3. Comprehensive Crew Provision: From the Director of Photography to lighting technicians and sound recordists, Broadley Studios assembled a skilled crew to handle every aspect of the production process. Their professionalism and expertise ensured seamless execution and high-quality output.
  4. Green Screen Studio Shoot: To facilitate post-production flexibility and creative freedom, Broadley Studios conducted the filming in its state-of-the-art green screen studio. This allowed for the seamless integration of graphics, animations, and visual effects, enhancing the overall presentation of the new product.
  5. Remote Monitoring: Broadley Studios offered remote monitoring services, enabling real-time oversight and collaboration for clients unable to be physically present. This ensured that the client's vision was accurately translated into the final product.

The Solution Delivered

The collaboration between the medical communications company and Broadley Studios yielded significant results:
  1. Informative Content Delivery: The videos effectively communicated the features and benefits of the new product, providing valuable insights to the target audience.
  2. Engaging Presentations: With carefully selected presenters and a supportive production environment, the videos captivated audiences and fostered understanding of the new product's capabilities.
  3. Seamless Integration: The decision to utilize the green screen studio facilitated seamless integration of visual elements, enhancing the overall presentation and appeal of the videos.


Broadley Studios' collaboration with the medical communications company exemplifies its commitment to delivering exceptional video content tailored to the unique needs of its clients. By leveraging its expertise in video production and providing comprehensive services, Broadley Studios enabled the creation of impactful and visually compelling explainer videos to support the launch of the new product.

This successful partnership underscores Broadley Studios' ability to meet the evolving demands of corporate communication and deliver content that resonates with audiences worldwide.

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