Film and TV Studio in London - Broadley Studio
Film and TV Studio in London - Broadley Studio
Film and TV Studio in London - Broadley Studio
  • live streaming studio
  • filming studio 2
  • live streaming studio control room
  • online chat show
  • virtual green room
  • live streaming interview

Versatile Live Streaming Studio

Connected and Comfortable

  • studio 2 green room
  • studio kitchen
  • studio 2 dressing room

Studio Two Facilities:

Key Facilities and Equipment:

Soundproofed studio with u-shaped cyc
White infinity cove
Wrap-around chroma-key green screen with floor piece
Green room, make up and dressing room
4K PTZ camera set up with controller
IP Sound solutions
Pro onset playback speakers
Edit facilities
Dolly, 5ft slider, mini jib and Jimmy Jib
Extensive RGBW LED lighting list
Total blackout drapes
Air-conditioned throughout
4K Sony multi camera set up
6 x TD Sennheiser radio mics with cos 11’s
On–camera prompting
Live streaming studio production office
All spaces connected by uncontended fibre internet

Studio Two Broadcast Gallery Facilities:

Tricaster TC2 Elite
2 x 55” LG 8k multi-view screens
vMix Pro production PC
55” and 32” Sony program-view Green Room monitors
vMix Pro Production PC
Dante Virtual sound card
Virtual green room for remote callers
Panasonic PTZ Controller
Evertz Timecode Generator
4 Stripe Newtek panel
Zoom and Teams calls
Blackmagic 8K Smart Video hub 40x40
Zoom and Teams calls
Yamaha TF1 Mixer (15 inputs/outputs)
Presenter IEMs
8x Eartech wireless comms sets
Tascam DA6400DP
All spaces connected by 2 uncontended fibre internet

Studio Two Virtual Production Facilities:

Brainstorm Infinity Set Virtual Production
Real-time Render Engines
Mo-Sys Star Tracker
4K broadcast gallery
Remote MCR capabilities
Virtual green room for remote callers
Aston 3D Real Time Graphics
4 x Camera Channels
Vive Mars Camtrack Camera Tracker
Spacious workspace
Edit facilities
Fully sound insulated

Studio Two Lighting List

Chamsys Quick Q10 lighting desk
8 x RGBW Ianiro 2x1 soft panels
1 x 300X Aputure
1 x 600X Aputure
1 x 1200D Aputure
Aputure Fresnel, lantern and Octodome
2 x RGBW Kinoflo Divalites
2 x 2 x 1 Swit Mat Lights
6 x 50w LED Dedo with DMX
7 x 150w Dedo lights with dimmers
2 x 120W Ledgo LED Fresnels
2 x 60W Ledgo LED Fresnels
8 x Astera tubes with Wifi controller
13-amp power
Cabling & distro
Selection of stands, poly, flags, nets & gels
4 x 4 ft floppy flags

Studio Two Floor Plan

studio 2 floor plan

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