Film and TV Studio in London - Broadley Studio
Film and TV Studio in London - Broadley Studio
Film and TV Studio in London - Broadley Studio

Broadley Studios 2023: A Showcase of Creativity and Variety

January 17, 2024 by Arjun Pala

Step inside our world of TV productions, an amazing 2023 showcase, worthwhile content creation, celebrity guests, and captivating live streaming.

Welcome to our seasonal Broadley Studios showcase, bought to you from central London’s Marylebone!

Our Amazing 2023 Showcase

Over the past couple of months, we’ve hosted, produced, and delivered full productions on a vast array of creativity and exciting content. These studios are uniquely sized, equipped and located, and being founder owned and run, we always find a way to make “it” happen, whatever “it” is. Take the renowned Dr Stephen Mulholland (you may have heard of him, he’s just bought a castle in Kent with Real Housewife of Toronto wife, Dr Ann Kaplan Mulholland). When Stephen booked film studio 1 to film his sought-after training content over a 2-week period, our crew oversaw production and camera of a mini facelift procedure, among many other aesthetic demos. Not for the faint hearted!

Overall, it’s been a packed diary of TV productions, celebrity appearances, and live streams, so take a moment to read on and join us as we showcase the highlights that make our studios and clients so special.

Ulesson: Empowering Global Education in Studio 2:

Broadley Studios became the filming home for Ulesson, a global educator organization that believes in shaping minds on a worldwide scale. For over a month, Studio 2 buzzed with educational initiatives and impactful content creation. We’ve provided a full production remit from scripting, camera, autocue to managing remote talent. Broadley Studios is often used by educators’ filming inspiring and versatile content, usually formatted as presenter to camera pieces. Studio 2 is perfect for these smaller crews wanting a broadcast quality product.

Iconic Horrible Histories (and national treasures!) in Studio 1:

Prepare to be entertained soon. Broadley Studios played host to the production of iconic "Horrible Histories” again, a show that brings history to life with a delightful twist. And let's not forget the national treasures that graced our studios as presenters for the new series, although you’ll have to watch the show to find out this season’s talent as we’re sworn to secrecy. Follow HH on Twitter with this link:

We’ve been thrilled to have BBC Studios in for almost a month, again in Studio 2. Therefore, star talent has been ringing our doorbell most days. Their production team are hard at work crafting a new series that delves into iconic moments in time. The epitome of professional, BBC Studios opted for a dry hire while utilising our LED lighting panels, Sony FX9’s and sound solutions, plus taking full advantage of the spacious, relaxing green room hospitality and dressing/makeup area.

It's been fun meeting legendary Christopher Biggins, hilarious Jo Brand, wellness guru Fearne Cotton, and soap icon Claire Sweeney among others, all shone as stars should. A wild new satire comedy shows crafted by Mark Reeves and Henry Naylor, of Spitting Image fame was shot last week and judging by the raw footage, it’s one to watch out for - if you like roasted politicians for your TV supper! We even had rather controversial comic Aaron Barschak making some, well, controversial social content, whatever he’s planning is bound to cause a stir.

Broadley Studios is more than just entertainment; as our showcase demonstrates, it's often a studio platform for intellectual discourse and charity work. This week’s TED talk shoot in Studio 1 brought together brilliant minds and thought leaders, igniting captivating conversations that challenged perspectives and sparked new ideas. We can’t give the details; you’ll need to stay tuned to TED to watch the broadcast.

Live Streams That Inspire, Lego:

With an uber cute and colourful studio set, magic of LEGO went global with one of our flawless live streaming events at Broadley Studios. We had the pleasure of capturing the beauty of Lego, immersing audiences in mesmerizing creations and imaginative storytelling. The dynamic nature of our studio and dedicated tech infrastructure allows for captivating live streams that inspire and engage viewers in ways they never thought possible. Huge thanks to our lovely client Content Creator Studio for choosing us again.


Broadley Studios stands proud as a testament to the extraordinary creativity and diverse projects that are defining content and TV creativity. From ground-breaking medical trainings and empowering education initiatives to captivating TV productions, celebrity appearances, intellectual discourse, and inspiring live streams, Broadley Studios continues to be an independent haven of innovation and artistic expression.

Finally, we’d like to give a huge thank you to our wonderful clients who make it all possible.

Roll on 2024, we’re ready for you!

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