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Filming Talking Heads: Getting Your Key Messages Across

By Richard Landy

Utilising talking heads is an effective way to convey your key messages in any production, whether you're introducing, informing or advertising. The goal is to engage viewers and encourage them to listen to what you have to say.

This article provides insights into optimising your talking head shoot and highlights key considerations for selecting a presenter, crafting your script, and enhancing production quality to make your content more watchable.

talking heads filming guide
Filming Talking Heads with Gabby Logan

Setting the Scene for Your Talking Head

Proper preparation is essential, whether you're recording a 1-minute interview or shooting for broadcast TV.

Clarify your subject matter and identify three or four key points to convey concisely. Keeping the message brief ensures viewer engagement and allows for a seamless delivery. Early communication with the production crew, including the autocue operator and camera person, is crucial for a smooth shoot.

Preparing for Your Presenter-Led Production

Prepare and schedule early to avoid last-minute challenges.

Setting up the autocue and familiarising everyone with their roles helps maintain a smooth workflow.

Engage with the production crew during pre-production to leverage their expertise, enhancing the overall quality of the final product.

Choosing Your Presenter

A presenter adds a personal touch to your brand and offers flexibility for last-minute adjustments.

Experienced presenters / talking heads can adapt to different styles and tones, contributing to script refinement and ensuring a polished delivery. Allow time for a full read-through to gauge timing and address any issues before shooting.

prepare your presenter
Prepare your presenter

Preparing Your Presenter

Understanding the target audience is crucial for guiding the presenter's tone and style.

Professional presenters bring polish to your production and excel at delivering key messages effectively. Even with thorough preparation, expect multiple takes to refine the delivery and incorporate nuances for optimal impact.

Getting the Right 'Look'

presenter clothing matters
Get the look right for your shoot

First impressions matter, so invest time and effort into appearance and grooming.

Consider clothing choices, hair, makeup, and body language of your talking heads to create a positive impression. Avoid wearing green for green screen shoots and opt for clean, comfortable attire that complements your message and audience expectations.

Positioning Your Presenter

Choose seating arrangements that suit the tone and purpose of your content.

A relaxed setting like a high stool or sofa encourages a casual atmosphere, ideal for engaging viewers.

Standing positions allow for dynamic gestures and interaction with background elements, enhancing visual appeal and engagement.

Production Tips: Camera Angles

position your presenter

Start with a wider shot to set the scene and allow the presenter to establish rapport.

Transition to closer shots for emphasis and tighter editing options.

Carefully consider camera angles to capture the essence of your message and ensure technical and professional excellence throughout the shoot.

FAQ: How to Film Talking Heads?

Talking heads can really add colour and authority to any shoot and help to better convey what you really want to say to your target audience.

So, to make the most of your chosen talking heads, remember:

1.  Prepare your shoot thoroughly in advance
2.  Keep what you want to say down to 3-4 key messages
3.  Clarify your schedule and workflow in advance
4.  Consider who will be your presenter - your talking head
5.  Consider hiring a professional presenter and prepare them well
6.  Consider what clothing, make-up etc is required - after all presenting a music programme is very different to a current affairs documentary
7.  Consider the position of your presenter depending on your content - casual, formal etc
8.  Consider the camera angles you will employ to build rapport with your audience, convey your key message etc

For comprehensive guidance on production essentials, refer to our handy guides to ensure a successful shoot.

And like all shoots, attention to detail and preparation are vital to delivering a compelling message without distractions or technical glitches.

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