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How to Livestream: A Comprehensive Guide

May 30, 2024 by Naz Foroodian

In today's digital era, the allure of experiencing live events from the comfort of one's home or office is increasingly irresistible. Live streams, with their unparalleled ability to engage viewers, have become indispensable marketing tools for clients seeking to stand out in a crowded online landscape. However, setting up a successful livestream can appear daunting at first glance.

Not sure how to livestream? To demystify the process, we've distilled the key elements you and your clients need to know for a seamless livestream experience.

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Meticulous Planning

Before hitting the "Go Live" button, meticulous planning is paramount. Consider these fundamental questions:

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What is Your Platform and Who is Your Audience?

Determine where your livestream will be broadcasted and who your target audience is.

Whether it's Facebook, YouTube, Twitch, or a proprietary intranet, choose a platform that aligns with your content and audience preferences. Additionally, explore creative formats to enhance engagement, such as incorporating graphics or inviting remote contributors via Skype.

Content Preparation: What Are You Live Streaming?

Define the content and action plan for your livestreaming.

Map out every on-screen element to ensure a smooth and polished presentation. While allowing room for improvisation, clarity and preparation are key to delivering a compelling livestream experience.

Location Considerations

Choose between filming on location or in a controlled studio environment.

Studios offer better control over external factors like noise, ensuring uninterrupted streaming quality. If on-location filming is necessary, conduct a detailed technical reconnaissance to address potential challenges and optimise internet connectivity.

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Talent and Attire

Selecting the right talent and attire is crucial.

Ensure that costumes are compatible with the streaming setup to avoid technical glitches. A professional appearance enhances viewer engagement and credibility.

Asset Preparation

Prepare all necessary assets, including titles, graphics, and pre-recorded videos, well in advance.

Collaborate with our technical team to ensure seamless integration and optimal viewer engagement. Unlike traditional video shoots, livestreaming requires upfront preparation to avoid post-production delays.

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Budget and Equipment Requirements

Define your equipment and budgetary needs carefully.

While at least two cameras are recommended for redundancy, consider additional cameras for more complex streams like panel discussions. Coordinate asset placement and timings with the vision mixer to maintain consistency and flow.

Rehearsal and Preparation

Schedule a rehearsal day to iron out any logistical or technical issues beforehand.

This ensures that your talent, crew, and vision mixer are aligned and prepared for the live event. Rehearsals also provide an opportunity to alleviate client concerns and instill confidence in the livestream's success.

Embracing the Live Experience

On the big day, embrace the live experience with confidence.

Despite potential hiccups, being well-prepared and rehearsed will empower you to navigate any challenges seamlessly. Remember, the dynamic nature of livestreaming adds to its charm and viewer engagement.

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Post-Livestream Options

While livestreams are celebrated for their immediacy, consider offering clients options for post-livestream content. Whether it's a recorded version or highlights reel, providing additional content ensures broader audience reach and engagement opportunities.

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FAQ: How to Livestream?

Livestreaming offers unparalleled opportunities for client engagement and audience reach. And following our guide will help transform your livestream from the average to the exceptional...

Remember, when creating a livestream, follow our 10 point plan below:

1.  Plan, plan and plan some more - be thorough
2.  Who is your audience, what is your platform and what will be your content?
3.  Where will you livestream - in a studio or on location?
4.  Who will be your talent and what will they wear?
5.  Prepare as much as possible in advance - titles, graphics...
6.  What is your budget?
7.  What equipment will you need?
8.  Make sure you rehearse beforehand to iron out any issues
9.  Embrace the live experience as much as you can
10.  Consider, and plan for, any post-livestream content your client may want from an eye-catching highights reel to social media content...

Finally, prepare a detailed list of eveything you will need to have in place before you start production.

Broadley Studio - THE Livestream Experts

With over 20 years livestreaming experience and expertise, we have nursed many a creative project to completion. We know the terrain, the challenges and the inside guide to making your livestream a success.

To get a flavour of what we can do for you, check out our latest showcase and studio specs. Or take a virtual tour of our studios.

We look forward to partnering with you to bring your livestreaming visions to life. Contact us today on +442077255858 or email us at [email protected] to explore the possibilities and receive a customised quote.

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