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360 Video: Exploring the Technology at Broadley Studios

June 3, 2024 by Naz Foroodian

In recent times, Broadley Studios has witnessed a surge in bookings from production teams eager to delve into the realm of 360 video technology.

This innovative approach to video content creation has garnered widespread attention for its ability to captivate audiences and prolong their engagement. Studies indicate that 360 videos (aka 360-degree videos) not only capture viewers' attention more effectively but also hold it for longer durations, boasting a 44% increase in engagement compared to traditional videos.

Moreover, these immersive videos have been shown to generate twice as many conversions, with click-to-purchase rates soaring up to 14 times higher. Recognising the growing interest in this cutting-edge technique, we hosted a Video Production Workshop where our resident expert fielded numerous inquiries about 360 video technology and its applications.

360 video content
360 video content production at Broadley Studios

Understanding 360 Video

360 video offers viewers an immersive experience where they have control over what they see and how they interact with the content.

This interactivity not only enhances engagement but also provides valuable insights into audience behavior and preferences. Originating in 1995 with the pioneering work of the Immersive Media Company, 360-degree video technology has evolved significantly over the years.

From the introduction of the Dodeca System spherical camera to the advent of Google Street View, the journey of 360 video has been marked by milestones that have expanded its reach and potential. Despite the challenge of widespread adoption, particularly due to the limited availability of Virtual Reality headsets, platforms like YouTube and Facebook have embraced 360 video, offering new avenues for creators to showcase their immersive content.

Advancements in 360-Degree Video Technology

360-degree video technology has undergone remarkable advancements in recent years, now offering exceptional quality and immersive experiences. Its applications have expanded beyond traditional uses, with notable adoption in various industries for a range of purposes, from entertainment to education and beyond.

Moreover, the familiarity of similar perspectives from popular computer games like Wolfenstein and Doom has paved the way for broader acceptance and utilisation of this technology.

Notably, 360 video has seamlessly integrated into the domains of marketing and web video production. Major platforms such as YouTube have embraced this technology, utilising it to capture and livestream events with unparalleled depth and immersion.

For instance, recent major sporting events like the FIFA World Cup or the Tokyo 2020 Olympics have leveraged 360-degree video technology to provide viewers with immersive, panoramic views of the action. This allows audiences to experience the thrill of the event as if they were right in the midst of it, from the comfort of their own homes.

As 360 video technology continues to evolve and become more accessible, we can expect to see even more innovative applications across a wide range of industries and contexts.

phil daniels - 360-degree video
Phil Daniels goes all 360

360 Video Today

Broadley Studios is equipped to cater to the growing demand for 360 video content.

With YouTube and Facebook providing platforms for hosting and sharing such videos, creators have unprecedented opportunities to reach wider audiences.

The immersive nature of 360-degree videos not only elevates viewer engagement but also provides valuable insights into audience behavior. By analysing viewer interactions and preferences, marketers can refine their content strategies and create more impactful campaigns.

Furthermore, the expansive canvas offered by 360 videos opens up new avenues for storytelling and creativity, presenting filmmakers with endless possibilities to innovate and captivate their audience.

The Benefits

The allure of 360-degree video lies in its ability to immerse viewers in a virtual environment, allowing for greater interaction and engagement.

Studies have shown that people are 66% more likely to watch videos they can control and interact with, highlighting the immense potential of this technology for marketers. Beyond engagement metrics, 360 video provides filmmakers with a versatile platform to unleash their creativity and push the boundaries of storytelling.

At Broadley Studios, we provide all the necessary resources and expertise to help you harness the power of 360-degree video and create captivating content for your audience.

Videos You Don't Want to Miss

Exploring the possibilities of 360-degree video is best done by witnessing its impact firsthand.

Platforms like YouTube have showcased the potential of this technology through captivating content with its innovative use of interactive video. By experiencing the immersive nature of 360 videos, creators can gain valuable insights and inspiration for their own projects.

FAQ: Why Use 360 Video?

To put it simply: 360 video is transformative; a real game-changer for a cornucopia of content and interaction.

360-Degree Video can:

1.  Grab your audience's attention
2.  Hold your audience's attention for longer
3.  Integrate a truly immersive experience into your video content
4.  Use it in any form of content from music videos to games to promos
5.  Enable you to analyse your audience like never before
6.  Crucially, up your conversions substantially
7.  Raise your creative game, driving your storytelling to new levels
8.  And it keeps evolving, offering more possibilities than ever before

And audiences love it. So, why not explore 360 video... Once you've had a taste, you won't look back.

Whether you're a seasoned filmmaker or new to the world of video production, Broadley Studios invites you to explore the endless possibilities of 360-degree video technology.

Take Your Video Content to New Heights

Are you ready to take your video content to new heights?

Broadley Studios offers state-of-the-art facilities and expert guidance to help you bring your creative vision to life. 

To get a flavour of what we can do for you, check out our latest showcase and studio specs. Or take a virtual tour of our studios.

To find out more about our studios, production services, our 360 video tech and track record and how we can help you and your shoot, please call us on +442077255858 or email us at [email protected].

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