Film and TV Studio in London - Broadley Studio
Film and TV Studio in London - Broadley Studio
Film and TV Studio in London - Broadley Studio

Case Study:
Live Link-up - Dior Winter 2023

Villa Eugenie and Dior
Multi-camera Live Link-up
January 2023

Villa Eugenie Live Link-Up Brief

Villa Eugenie is the international fashion production agency for global luxury brands. They asked Broadley to propose a solution to facilitate a failsafe live link-up between our London Studio and another in Los Angeles, where star talent Robert Pattinson would be ready to film for Dior. Director Baillie Walsh needed to lead Robert for this section of the film remotely, maintaining all the director-talent connection using the magic of digital tech, to craft the final capture.

The Tech

Using our Tricaster for this live link-up, we accepted 3 SRT feeds from LA and fed the cameras into Studio 2 for Director, Walsh to watch and along with our Yamaha TF1, 2x Goose Neck microphones, 3x LG 55” TVs, 2x MacBook Pro laptops, Unity Intercoms, Zoom, 3x Decimators, produced a seamless two-way comms system. 

Our Response

Dior showed their new men’s collection live in Paris this afternoon, for #PFW. The Dior film starring Robert also launched today. Read more about Robert Pattinson in this weeks @ES magazine, there’s a fantastic interview with @bencobb and cover shoot, out today in London and online.

Fabulous, darling.

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