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Film and TV Studio in London - Broadley Studio
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Filming in London - Production Guide

June 4, 2024 by Naz Foroodian

London offers a rich variety of landscapes, cultural backdrops, iconic landmarks, and diverse individuals, making it an ideal location for filming. But filming in London, like any location, has its advantages and disadvantages.

Our production guide breaks down everything thing you need to know...

Does London Suit Your Needs

London is, after all, a world city with all the distractions that every world city has.

However, filming in London does have its challenges: be prepared for the UK's unpredictable weather, especially for outdoor shoots, which you may need to factor into your budget and schedule. Using a studio can provide controlled sound recording conditions, which can be crucial for tight deadlines.

filming in london with broadley studios
Filming in London with Broadley Studios

Looking at and Booking Locations

Gather as many photos as possible to understand the aspects and timings of potential locations. Google Maps is a helpful tool for identifying nearby busy roads, schools, or airports that might impact your sound recording.

Most locations have a location agent who can explain the process and pricing. If you find a location but don't know whom to contact for permission, the local police station, local government, or local council can often assist.

A good production manager with exerience of filming in London can also assess a location's suitability.

If your visit spans several days, try to schedule location visits around your shooting timetable.

OK… You Have Chosen to Film in London - What Next?

Once you have chosen your location and have a clear project outline and travel plans, the next steps involve understanding the terms and conditions provided by the studio or location. Experienced facilities will offer detailed procedures and guidelines; ensure you understand these fully to avoid invalidating your insurance or slowing down the production process.

What Are the Terms and Conditions, and How Can They Affect My Production?

Terms typically apply to the hire period, but there may be additional charges.

Provide a detailed production schedule to help the facility assess what is included in the hire price and what costs extra. UK businesses hiring out spaces usually have company information, banking, and insurance details readily available - ask for as much information as possible.

Please… Keep in Touch

Be mindful of time differences, especially during the hiring and confirmation stages. Ensure you are contactable during UK business hours and verify the hirer's availability as well. If they are not reachable by phone, request that they check emails at key times and plan accordingly.

Payments for Hire… What Is Offered, What Is Extra?

Check available payment terms.

If invoicing from overseas, you might avoid paying an extra 20% for VAT.

Typically, a deposit is required to secure the space. This deposit may be refundable or redeemable, depending on various factors. A pencil booking can often be confirmed with a 50% deposit or a purchase order number, with the balance due on the day of hire.

While studio and location hirers may state a cancellation fee in their contracts, they tend to be flexible with adequate notice.

Cover All Eventualities – Ensure You Are Good to Go!

If traveling from overseas, obtain insurance from your home country before filming in London.

All legal documents must match company names and addresses for validity. Check online for comprehensive insurance deals that cover kit hire, location hire, and medical emergencies.

Most locations offer public liability insurance for accidents, but it's crucial to verify if your specific shoot requirements (like high-wire work, pyrotechnics, animal handling, children's safety, and kit hire) are covered by their insurance.

Health & Safety and Legal Requirements

Ensure locations have solid health and safety protocols, fire precautions, and evacuation procedures.

Check for on-site first aid training. Request a risk assessment from the studio or location manager. Be prepared to adapt to the hirer's rules and regulations, as health and safety laws vary by country.

For general health and safety information in film and TV productions for filming in London, visit the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) website at

General Advice for Production Managers, Producers, and Individuals

Be clear and thorough with all production details.

Promptly respond to emails and address important documents as requested. Terms and conditions, payment terms, and other production-related questions should be readily available either online or by request.

When filming in London, make sure you consider:

•  Seek permissions from private location owners, councils, local police, landlords, and custodians.
•  Check local fees (e.g., the London Eye charges more for filming from certain angles).
•  Apply for licenses early (e.g., insurance, child permissions, location agreements).
•  Ensure filming formats are compatible with tape stock or digital media storage.
•  Check flight details, planned travel closures, weather, parking, and possible noise disruptions.

Always have a plan B... just in case.

Studio shoots provide controlled sound environments and can quickly address any kit, crew, cast, or wardrobe malfunctions. Look for a location that offers friendly, flexible, and resourceful service, going the extra mile to ensure your production runs smoothly and all legal requirements are met.

FAQ: What Do I Need to Know When Filming in London?

There's nowhere else like London. Nothing at all, anywhere.

Vivienne Westwood sums up London perfectly. And the same coud be said for filming in London. London offers so many advantages, so make sure you follow our production tips below:

1.  Assess whether or not London is the right location for you and your shoot
2.  Are you purely on-location / outdoots, in a studio or a mix?
3.  Research your chosen London studio and location thoroughly
4.  Make sure you have secured all the necessary permissions in advance
5.  Research the terms and conditions of your chosen studio and location from hire period to payment terms to insurance
6.  Cover your health and safety requirements
7.  Provide your chosen London location / studio with as much info as you can about your production, especially if you require anything unusual like filming with children
8.  And keep in regular communication with your chosen London location

As always, it pays to plan ahead, particularly when filming in London or in any unfamiliar location.

Broadley Studio - THE Filming in London Experts

Looking at filming in London and need a studio? We are experts with over 25 years experience and have worked with production companies and organisations from all over the world, covering everything from music videos to conference live streaming to film and TV production.

Broadley Studios offers cutting edge facilities and expertise that your London shoot needs and deserves.

To get a flavour of what we can do for you, check out our latest showcase and studio specs. Or take a virtual tour of our studios.

To find out more about our studios, production services, our work with companies from outside London and how we can help you and your shoot, please call us on +442077255858 or email us at [email protected].

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