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Film, TV and Virtual Production Studios in London - Broadley Studios
Film and TV Studio in London - Broadley Studio

Rebranding Broadley Studios

By Richard Landy

To celebrate the 20-year milestone, Broadley Studios teamed up with the wonderful James from PureStory to help with the transformation and rebranding.

The journey began with an engaging brand workshop led by James, where he dived deep into what makes Broadley Studios unique and vibrant. This workshop was an enlightening experience, providing a platform for the team to reflect on the journey and envision Broadley’s future.

rebranding workshop for broadley studios

Rebranding Workshop Highlights

During the workshop, James worked closely with Broadley’s Managing Director, Richard Landy. Together, they explored the core elements that define Broadley Studios.

rebrand core elements

James created insightful frames capturing both historic and contemporary filmic and studio-based aspects. This creative process was instrumental in shaping Broadley’s new brand identity, making sure it truly reflects its essence.

new broadley logos

New Tagline and Visual Identity

Broadley Studios is excited to introduce its new tagline: "For people who have something to say."

This phrase encapsulates its mission to be a haven for creativity, storytelling, and innovation. The new visual identity, designed by PureStory, features a modern and vibrant logo, various color palettes, and design elements that reflect Broadley Studios’ dynamic spirit.

Join Us in the Celebration

Broadley Studios is incredibly grateful to everyone who has been part of its journey over the past two decades. Your support has been invaluable, and Broadley Studios looks forward to many more years of collaboration and creativity. Broadley Studios invites you to join in celebrating this significant milestone and to stay tuned for more exciting updates.

Excited yet? Watch this space for more details and be sure to visit our website for the latest news.

Best regards, 

Broadley Studios

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