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Netflix - Too Hot to Handle: Extra Hot

February 14, 2022 by Arjun Pala

Sun, Sex, and a group of rowdy 20-something-year-olds… what more could you want in a Netflix TV show!? Well, Lana, a sassy AI assistant, wanted less! 

To get to know the contestants and find out what they had been up to on the island, Netflix asked our hottest Broadley members to help produce Too Hot to Handle: Extra Hot, a chat show-esc YouTube series featuring all our favourite hotties. Chloe Veitch, from Season 1 of THTH (it’s what all the cool kids call it), interviews and gets to know the “sexy sorts” (attractive people) from the latest season and squeezes all the gossip out of them.

Netflix THTH Welcomes Chloe Veitch

Too Hot to Handle: Extra Hot welcomes Chloe Veitch along with familiar faces from Season 2, including winner Melvin (<3) and the challengers from Season 3 to as Chloe would say, “spill the tea” on what happened in the Villa.

With a set inspired by the Caribbean THTH location, our Broadley team set up the gradient lighting and made the beautiful people on camera look even better (How is that even possible? Maybe I can hire one of them to take pictures of me…)

We are super happy and proud of the team involved with the success of the shows, which have racked up more than 5 million views on YouTube. We thank Netflix for choosing us to host the first 2 seasons of Extra Hot and can’t wait for the next season!

I just have one request, where’s my invite???


Chloe Veitch

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