Motion Control: A Comprehensive Guide

Do you recall Michel Gondry's captivating video for Kylie Minogue, where she gracefully navigates a bustling street, only for multiple Kylies to appear by the end?

This iconic visual served as our inspiration for a recent inquiry into Motion Control studio capabilities. Could we replicate such a feat? Here's what we discovered.

Experience Matters

Securing a seasoned Motion Control operator with a robust portfolio and reputable client endorsements is paramount. We partnered with Mark Robert Motion Control, a trusted provider of equipment and skilled crew.

Pre-production: Visualising Success

Visual references are indispensable.

Words alone cannot articulate intricate shots effectively. Whether through traditional storyboards or sophisticated pre-visualisation software, crafting a detailed scene breakdown is crucial for aligning all stakeholders, including the end-client, agency, director, rig operator, and post-production team.

Getting Real

A thorough technical reconnaissance is indispensable.

Assessing spatial requirements and optimal track placement minimises on-set disruptions. Our decision to conduct this reconnaissance in the studio with key personnel facilitated seamless planning.

Thinking It Through

Selecting the appropriate motion control rig is pivotal.

motion control guide
Using the Milo

We opted for the Milo, renowned for its versatility and compact design, ideal for our studio setting.

Understanding post-production needs is equally vital. Anticipating lighting adjustments and involving a gaffer ensures consistency across multiple shots.

Filming Day

Armed with insights from the technical reconnaissance, we augmented our setup with additional lighting and expert assistance. Prioritising the most complex shots first allowed us to efficiently navigate the slower pace inherent in Motion Control filming.

FAQ: What Do I Need to Know to Use Motion Control?

Mastering motion control can transform your production from the ordinary to the spectacular.

We ran a little experiment and here are our top tips:

1.  Hire an experienced motion control operator
2.  Plan your production carefully with a scene-by-scene breakdown that details your visuals
3.  A tech recce is a must - you won't regret it
4.  Choose the right motion control equipment for your production
5.  Plan and identify your post-production requirements in advance
6.  Prioritise the most complex shots first

Our successful execution of this project exemplifies our commitment to delivering exceptional results as both producers and collaborators. By leveraging the right expertise coupled with meticulous planning, we transformed a creative vision into reality, reaffirming our capabilities in the realm of Motion Control filmmaking.

Choose Broadley Studio for Motion Control

“Great film studio at London. First class facilities and above all, the staff went to great lengths to help our production in every aspect. Thank you guys for an amazing experience! We will be back for sure!”

Are you planning on using motion control in your production?

We have worked with countless production companies and organisations from all over the world, on everything from indie films to music promos to live streaming. So we know what we are doing.

To get a flavour of what we can do for you, check out our latest showcase and studio specs. Or take a virtual tour of our studios.

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