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Mastering the Studio Recce

May 13, 2024 by Naz Foroodian

By Richard Landy, Executive Producer, Broadley Studio

We're big fans of the studio recce.

They're the groundwork for a successful shoot. In this piece, we delve into why studio recces are game-changers and break down the essential elements to keep in mind during your next scouting adventure.

The Benefits of a Studio Recce

Studio recces really are the smart way to start any production. The benefits include:

Time and Money Saver

Studio recces offer a substantial advantage by saving both time and money in the long haul. By surveying a location prior to shooting, filmmakers can pinpoint potential hurdles like lighting constraints, sound issues, or space limitations, and devise solutions ahead of time.

For example, if a specific lighting or camera setup is needed, the recce team can assess available resources and make arrangements beforehand to prevent delays during the shoot

Fosters a Relationship with the Location Manager

Studio recces also play a crucial role in establishing a positive rapport with the Studio Manager (in our case, Jack). The recce team can engage in discussions with the location manager beforehand, collaborating to address mutual requirements.

Furthermore, film industry professionals who demonstrate courtesy and respect for location needs are more likely to receive a warm welcome for future projects.

Facilitates Selection of Optimal Shooting Locations

Through a recce, filmmakers have the opportunity to survey various available locations and select the most suitable ones for their story's demands. For example, if a scene calls for a specific architectural style, the recce team can scout different buildings and identify the one that aligns best with the story's requirements.

Effective lighting and sound are essential for a successful studio production. By conducting a recce, the team can evaluate available resources and preemptively address any potential issues that may arise during filming. For example, filmmakers can proactively identify sound restrictions and strategise accordingly to maintain optimal audio quality throughout the shoot.

Key Considerations for Your Studio Recce

client conducting a studio recce of Broadley Studio
Client conducting a studio recce of Broadley Studio

If you do decide to conduct a studii recce, here are the key considerations:

Exploring Studio Space: Size Matters

When embarking on a studio recce, the initial focal point revolves around the studio's dimensions. It's imperative that the space is capacious enough to house all requisite equipment, cast, and crew, sans any suffocating clutter. A generous studio layout not only facilitates seamless camera and lighting arrangements but also mitigates errors, amplifying overall productivity.

Ease of Access and Parking Provisions

In the realm of filmmaking, efficient accessibility and parking arrangements are paramount for operational success. The studio's location should boast easy accessibility, complemented by ample parking provisions to accommodate the cast, crew, and equipment seamlessly.

Assessing Technical Needs

During a recce, it's essential to evaluate technical prerequisites like power specifications, sound limitations, and lighting capabilities. Confirm that the studio can furnish sufficient power to sustain necessary equipment operations without interruptions. Moreover, scrutinise the studio's sound infrastructure to safeguard against external disturbances that could jeopardise sound quality.

Assessing Surrounding Environment

Lastly, an integral aspect of the recce involves evaluating the surrounding environment to ascertain its alignment with the director's vision. While surveying the vicinity, it's imperative to ensure that the surroundings harmonise with the desired aesthetic depicted in the storyboard, thereby perpetuating audience immersion.

Studio Recce: In Conclusion

The studio recce process stands as a pivotal component of the pre-production phase in filmmaking. It serves as a time-saving endeavor, fostering meticulous planning, and laying the groundwork for shooting triumph.

By selecting the appropriate location and thoughtfully contemplating the technical, environmental, and logistical elements of production, a recce team plays a pivotal role in guaranteeing the smooth execution of the entire filmmaking process.

FAQ: How Do I Conduct a Studio Recce?

Studios recce's are an essential part of any production process. They can save you time, money and headaches all-round. Recces can be the difference between your filming running smoothly or being overrun with problems.

Remember, the key elements of a great studio recce are:

1.  Find out what the studio space you are interested in is reslly like
2.  It might be a great studio, but what is the parking like? How easy is it to get to?
3.  Does it meet all your technical needs>
4.  What's the surrounding environment like?
5.  What are the staff like? Great studio but a dragon for a Studio / Location Manager?

Prepare a list of eveything you are looking for in a studio before you recce it.

Broadley Studio - THE Film & TV Production Experts

Broadley are here to make sure your filming days go off without a hitch. Since 2004, we've been helping countless productions maximise their potential. With our wealth of experience, we know the ins and outs of production challenges and how to smooth them over for you.

To get a flavour of what we can do for you, check out our latest showcase, case studies and studio specs. Or take a virtual tour of our studios.

To find out more about our studios and production services and how we can help you and your shoot, please call us on +442077255858 or email us at [email protected].

So, why not book your recce with Broadley Studio today...

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