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Changemakers - Avanade

February 14, 2023 by Arjun Pala

“There is nothing permanent except change.”

said Heraclitus, a Greek philosopher. It’s as truer an adage now, only we’re past calling it ‘change’. It’s more a continuous flow, defining all that Is; professional and personal. We’re navigating new technologies, global conditions and cultural shifts, with no time to spare. So, reframing the uncertainties of rapid change into a solid foundation for Growth sounds like the only sensible approach to us.

Changemakers are pioneers in this field, forging a path for others to follow. We learn from their experience and their stories make for compelling chronicles. As we collectively feel our way across a liquid base of economic and cultural change, intuitively seeking better prosperity, connection and equality in business and for ourselves, we need these inspirational tales.

At Broadley, we work with clients from the creative industries, brands, media, NGOs and global networks to name a few. Their voices are driving change; developing tools, disrupting dialogue and shifting the dial through socials, digital channels, broadcast TV shows, live streams and educational content. We're committed to staying ahead on new tech advances in TV/film making and the shifting sands of a global world. One way to do this is by fostering a culture of changemakers and see how it takes us forward, propelling growth.

Changemakers Live Streaming

Avanade own a thought-provoking blog, eloquently communicating their meaningful provocation to 'do what matters through continual change’. They share online space and insights to a wide community, with renowned guest contributors on a range of expansive topics. Its aim is to exchange ideas that drive tomorrow’s innovation. One narrative we’re proud to have led production on is an episode of the world class ‘Changemakers’ series hosted by Avanade CMO Ruth Rowen. remotely through our live streaming link up virtual studio facility, with authentic trailblazer Malala.

Sharing the female perspective and a found commonality in view point, Ruth and Malala hold a conversation which transcends geographical and lived experience. The talk is around ‘5 things I learned about leadership’, while filming to camera. Their connection comes across effortlessly, despite Malala appearing live on a screen while Ruth is comfortable on set.

As Rowen says on her corresponding blog post “For me, Malala is the epitome of a changemaker – striving every day to make progress in ensuring girls around the world have the right to education”. It makes for thought-through content with the quality of film capture needed to build equity and long lifespan. We’re thrilled to have helped Avanade, Changemakers and our long standing client Accenture, who brought this live streaming project to our studios, actualise a narrative championing female leadership.

From TV to Live Streaming

Showing up agile, open and willing to change is the route to personal and professional growth. Broadley Studios are founder-owned and run by Richard Landy and this gives the business the edge in adaptability at pace. Richard has instilled a culture of entrepreneurial, unafraid spirit aimed at empowering creatives, technicians and clients through a lens of positivity. This enables the studio to thrive as it explores creative advances in TV, live streaming and content production technology, culture and delivery.

Perhaps we need this advantage more than ever, with the one greatest change of all now here, a merging of humans to technology in the development of AI. Last week on LinkedIn, the talk was much around the launch of ChatGPT and what it means for marketing creation, good and bad. We’re confident we can integrate new and astounding AI capabilities and elevate them through the application of our human creative gene, which is yet to replicated. Yet...

Watch Malala Here:

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