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Film and TV Studio in London - Broadley Studio
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Out of the Darkness by Holocaust Learning UK

December 12, 2020 by Richard Landy

We are proud to have facilitated the shooting of the Out of Darkness film for Holocaust Learning UK at Broadley Studios, having donated all studio time and equipment free of charge. Please read on below...

For the last 19 years, Holocaust Learning UK, has invited students from schools and colleges into synagogues to learn about the Holocaust. During their events, the young people meet a Holocaust survivor, hear their testimony and work in small groups with trained facilitators to explore the underlying issues of racism, bullying and discrimination that still resonate today. 

Around 35,000 students have passed through its programme and Holocaust Learning UK has been pleased to welcome all students, whether they have been sent in small subject-specific groups such as GCSE or A level History, RE or Philosophy or as part of entire year groups from Year 8 through to Sixth Form.   

Due to the COVID crisis, Holocaust Learning UK is not able to invite students into the participating synagogues in 2021, and so they have commissioned the film which will be shown in classrooms instead.

Out of the Darkness Film

The hour-long film, ‘Out of the Darkness’ includes the testimony of a Holocaust Survivor and features a rabbi and a diverse cast of teenage students, mainly from the National Youth Theatre, who deliver compelling extracts from other survivors’ testimonies.   It teaches the students about the Holocaust in the context of the Second World War, and references subsequent genocides and persecution.

Out of the Darkness is fundamentally about encouraging students to learn the lessons from the past to help build a better, safer future for everyone."Hope this is helpful,  apologies for the delay and let me know if you need anything else.  

Find out more about the film here.

Broadley Studio has been selected among the Top Video Production Companies in the United Kingdom by DesignRush for our competitive cost of video production.

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