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Out of Darkness Films

By Arjun Pala

Over the years, Broadley Studio has collaborated with Holocaust Learning UK and Tapestry Pictures to create free educational content called Out of Darkness for students across the United Kingdom. After completing our most recent project together, we received some heart-warming response letters from both groups.

“A huge thank you yet again to everyone at Broadley Studio, for supporting our series, ‘Out of Darkness’, made for Holocaust Learning UK. By providing free studio time and equipment, Broadley enabled Tapestry Pictures to produce high quality films that fully engage their young audiences…

In these films, which are delivered free to schools and colleges, real survivors and young actors tell the story of the Holocaust through eyewitness accounts. The aim is not merely to help schools bring alive a core part of the history curriculum but, more importantly, to show students that all it takes for evil to triumph is for good people to do nothing” says Richard Hill of Tapestry Pictures in his recent letter to Broadley.

Out of Darkness Short Films

Our team welcomed the opportunity to donate the studio resources needed for this important project to help ensure that future generations have access to a wealth of knowledge. For over 20 Years, Holocaust Learning UK have been carrying out this mission with great success and many have shared their thoughts on the experience.

Tapestry Pictures’ next film features the survivor, Steven Frank, and tells the story of the Holocaust from the perspective of Holland under occupation. Already, teachers have registered over 200,000 students to watch the films this year – a huge success in itself.

After filming Out of Darkness, Shelley Miller from Holocaust Learning UK, reached out to us with a few words of gratitude:

“On behalf of Holocaust Learning UK, I wanted to drop you a note to thank you very much, once again, for letting us use [Broadley] studio for the latest ‘Out of the Darkness’ docufilms…

Your help and support over these two years has enabled Tapestry to produce truly excellent films for us. As a direct result of your generosity, we’ve been able to be ambitious about the films in terms of their range, scope and content and the quality achieved adds enormously to their accessibility within schools…

Thank you again and all good wishes

Shelley Miller, Holocaust Learning UK.

Here are some comments from the people who’ve seen the films…

“It made clear to students that we were talking about people of their age and younger, who experienced these horrific events, and that the issues raised are contemporary as well as historical.”

A Teacher, Bishop Vesey’s Grammar School

“After hearing Janine’s story, I am encouraged not to be a bystander, and to speak up when there is an unjust situation, because if everyone did this many future genocides could be prevented.”
Year 11 Student

“We shall be using this excellent film as part of our training sessions for documentary makers.”
Valerie Kleeman, Founder, Whicker’s World Foundation

To find out more about the films click here.

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