Film and TV Studio in London - Broadley Studio
Film and TV Studio in London - Broadley Studio
Film and TV Studio in London - Broadley Studio

Case Study: YouTube Football Show: FTBL & STTV

Wave TV
Weekly topical digital football TV show and Sunday Live Chat Show
Ongoing 2022-23

YouTube Football Show Brief

Wave TV's brief was to create a weekly studio produced YouTube football show with their host Culture Cams and a Football Sunday roundup of the games that happened over the weekend

The Tech

For this YouTube Football Show we used: 3 Panasonic UE150’s, Sony FX9, Tricaster, Zoom F4, 3 Shure SM7B mics

Our Response

Football, or Soccer (same thing), has found its star-studded feet in the US. David Beckham’s vision for Inter Miami and a league of their own sparked a stateside cultural explosion. But it’s the English Premier League that sets the global pace.

Santa Monica based Wave Sports and Entertainment has over 117 million highly engaged global followers across its stable of digital content channels; it’s the fastest growing company of its kind. Our client, UK’s streetwise, renowned FTBL media is new to the Wave fold, having won investment to debut a yearlong series, ‘Stoppage Time TV’, as a flagship broadcast proposition.

Stoppage Time TV is a fast paced, twice weekly YouTube football show, one pre-recorded and one live streamed every Sunday. Broadly produce and deliver both, under a year-long contract. Featuring fan culture, commentary and community with trending hot topics covered as they happen. Made by fans for fans, the show is fronted by cool Brit pundit talents @culturecam@mayowaquadri_ and @fuadcadani.

These guys are the future, turning football talk into a modern urban lexicon. We’ve been on a journey with the team of creators for visual creative, experimenting with set builds and virtual backdrops, as they find their broadcast feet.

Our go to studio in London. We love it here at Broadley., so much so we're here every week!

Wave TV Crew
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