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Film and TV Studio in London - Broadley Studio
Film and TV Studio in London - Broadley Studio

Case Study: Virtual Production Short Film - See You in Hell

Red Robin Films
Virtual Production Short Film
September 2023

See You in Hell Short Film Brief

To create a photorealistic ~2 minute dark comedy short film in Virtual Production.

The Tech

For the See You in Hell short film, we used Sony FX9, Mo-Sys StarTracker Max, Canon CN-7 17-120 f2.8, Infinity Set, Unreal Engine 5.0, Davinci Fusion, Blender.

The Solution Delivered

'SEE YOU IN HELL’ is a hybrid Virtual Production short film using real-time on-set visualisation, shown through Brainstorm Infinity Set, but with a final image delivered through post-production. With our newly-installed Mo-Sys StarTracker Max, we were able to take full advantage of recording all of our camera’s tracking data, ready for using in post-production.

Our unique approach allowed us to see our talent in our 3D Unreal Engine Virtual Environment, with fully matched lighting, shot composition and camera movement. But, since we knew that we would be dropping a Nuclear Bomb over the city, we needed to record all camera plates and tracking data for our bespoke 3D compositing and colour grading pipeline.

Going in with this knowledge, we allowed our Director of Photography to place lighting rigs inside our image, since we would be removing them in post. This allowed us ultra-precise control of lighting on our talent, to create a more photorealistic end product.

Our post-pipeline was developed entirely in-house, and allowed us to work seamlessly between a myriad of software packages, from real-time Unreal Engine and Infinity Set, to Blender 3D with our camera tracking data, and finally into Davinci Resolve for editing and colour, and Davinci Fusion for full suite compositing.

When we reached a picture lock of our film, directors Kieran Lowley and Isobel Drane decided to rebuild the virtual environment. With our unique iterative and version-controlled pipeline, we were able to redesign the entire virtual set, from props and staging to full city-wide relighting, and refit each shot in under 2 full working days.

Broadley was really accommodating, and are helping accomplish the vision that I've laid out
Obsidian Ally Director
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