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Film and TV Studio in London - Broadley Studio
Film and TV Studio in London - Broadley Studio

Case Study: Under Investigation with Liz Hayes

Channel 9 (Australia) and Under Investigation
TV Show Production
December 2021

The Under Investigation Brief

To provide studio, camera, lighting, full remote TV production management services and crew for the filming of Under Investigation, a popular topical Australian current affairs TV show to be broadcast on Channel 9, Australia.

The Tech

2 studios, 2x Broadcast galleries, Black Magic Constellation, TriCaster II Elite, Yamaha TF1 Sound Mixer, Sennheiser True Diversity Lavalliere Mics and In Ear Monitors, 6 Sony FX9’s. 3 x Epson 5K projectors

The Solution Delivered

Channel 9 approached us to assist them in the production of a popular Australian TV Show, Under Investigation. The show involved interviewing 3 London based contributors and filming the debate between them integrated remotely to a studio panel in Australia.

We were asked to provide 6 FX9 cameras, allowing two shots per contributor. All the cameras’ angles were then fed into Zoom so the Channel 9 Producers in Australia could monitor all 6 cameras and moderate what was being said. The cameras were also being fed into our Tricaster and Blackmagic Constellation to provide the local Studio Director a feed of all the camera angles in HD in one location.

To maintain continuity between the various Under Investigation show, Channel 9 also asked us to help them source some powerful short throw projectors. These projectors were used to create a digital background for each of the contributors.

To route audio between the 2 studios and Australia we used our Dante Virtual Soundcard along with 2 Yamaha TF1’s to provide a seamless connection between the 2 Studios. The contributors also needed to hear each other and be able to hear the Zoom call from Australia. Dante was the perfect tool to route the various sound around the various locations and to the IEMs of the guests.

We were also tasked to film the “walk in” intro sequences for the show. For this we used a Sony A7S III mirrorless camera along with a DJI Ronin RS2 gimbal.

There was also an element of on location shooting involved and crew were sent with the contributors to B roll for video bios to be shown ahead of the main studio discussion.

After the show had finished recording, we used our fibre internet to upload all the clips to the Channel 9 server. This meant that by the time all the interviews had been uploaded to the site, the team in Australia could download and start editing the show hours after filming without having to wait for a drive to be sent across the globe.

The Outcome

Broadley Studio offered a tailored, hands-on solution for our broadcast which met all the requirements of our brief. I am looking forward to working with the Broadley team again.

Alex Chance
(Associate Producer)
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