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Film and TV Studio in London - Broadley Studio
Film and TV Studio in London - Broadley Studio

Case Study: Sir Tim Berners Lee Location Shoot

Fujitsu & Brand Emotion
Providing professional remote virtual caller and recording facilities for a virtual
December 2021

The Sir Tim Berners Lee Brief

Brand Emotion approached us to provide an on-location solution for a virtual interview between Fujitsu HQ in Japan and Sir Tim Berners Lee who was based in a remote Oxford village.

The Tech

2 Sony FS7, Cine prime lenses, 1 Portaprompt Auto-cue, 2 MacBook Pros, 2 Aperture lights, Sennheiser 416 and EW100 G4 Sennheiser radio mic, ENG Camera Mount Receiver and Transmitter using a Sanken COS 11 lavaliere microphone.

The Solution Delivered

We sent the camera feeds back to Japan using Zoom as we had to ensure the interview process was smooth for Sir Tim Berners Lee without any latency. We sent the 2 Sony FS7 camera feeds via Zoom using 2 MacBook Pro laptops to the studio in Japan. We achieved this by using 2 SDI to USB Capture Card to stream the camera feeds into Zoom.

We received a close-up shot of the interviewer by return and fed this output onto the autocue screen in front of Sir Tim. This technique ensured we had a believable and genuine interaction between interviewer and subject. All camera feeds were recorded at both locations and edited together to create a unique cross continent interview come alive.

The Outcome

Working with Broadley is always a pleasure. On every occasion they have exceeded our expectations and delivered a superb product. We hope that this is the start of a great location-based relationship.

Roger Price
Producer, Brand Emotion
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