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Case Study
Randstad - Multi-camera Virtual Production Show

Randstad and Purple Door Media
Multi-camera Virtual Production Pre-record
January 2024

Randstad Pre-recorded Live Stream

Randstad sought to elevate their content with a visually stunning 4-camera pre-recorded video streamed live a week later. Our goal was to deliver an 'as-live' experience using Virtual Production, surpassing their previous recordings. With the need for a discussion involving 6 participants, we implemented a sophisticated multi-camera setup.

The Tech

4 x Sony FX9 cameras, Canon CN7 17-120 T2.8 lenses, Blackmagic Atem 8K Constellation, Mo-Sys StarTracker Max for tracking, HTC Vive CamTrack Mars, Infinity Set for virtual environment, Unreal Engine 5.0 for rendering, Allen & Heath SQ5 for audio management, and high-quality Sennheiser Radios with Saanken Cos 11 Mics for clear sound capture.

The Solution Delivered

Leveraging a combination of technologies, we utilised 3x Sony FX9 cameras tracked with the HTC Vive Mars system for wide and single shots, while a single Mo-Sys Startracker tracked Sony FX9 provided dynamic wide shots.

In previous years, Randstad chose LED walls for creating dynamic backgrounds that changed with the content. While trendy, this approach proved to be costly and environmentally unfriendly. The need for increased power to drive each LED wall, coupled with additional lighting requirements for stage-wide illumination, contributed to these drawbacks. Recognising the environmental and cost implications, Randstad sought an alternative solution. The answer: Greenscreen Virtual Production.

Embracing Brainstorm's cutting-edge Infinity Set as the linchpin, we seamlessly executed real-time operations across multiple takes, eliminating technical challenges. This innovative approach not only proved environmentally sustainable but also cost-effective. The adaptability of Infinity Set empowered us to swiftly adjust sets and reframe live-composite shots, aligning with client preferences effortlessly.

Audio synchronisation presented a unique challenge. Given the slight rendering delay introduced by our Brainstorm system, audio timing required meticulous attention. Employing the SQ5, we seamlessly delayed the audio feed for synchronisation during recording, while monitoring in real-time to ensure precise lip-sync accuracy.

In just one day, we executed numerous takes across multiple cameras, capturing all tracking data for potential future composite work. Building a complete Virtual Studio from scratch, our lean team fully realised the client's ambitious vision with efficiency and excellence.


The Broadley team’s virtual set blew us away.

Our client originally wanted to film in Holland but why travel when you can create the perfect solution virtually, at a fraction of the cost, right here in the heart of London?! We were very impressed with Broadley’s vision and execution.

The result was a beautiful film with high production values.

- EMMA CLARKE, Executive Producer
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