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Case Study: People Like Us - Content Creation

Fujitsu and Brand Emotion
Content Creation, Editing and Production Management
March 2022

People Like Us Content Creation Brief

The content creation brief was to create the films elements for Fujitsu’s ‘People Like Us’ online resource.

The Tech

Location shoot: 2 x Canon C300 MkII, 4K Drone, Gemini RGB 2x1 panel light, Sennheiser Biodiversity radio mic, 3 axis Gimbal.

Studio shoot: Sony FX9, Sennheiser Biodiversity radio mic, Sennheiser 416 shotgun mic, Zoom F4 external audio recorder.

The Solution Delivered

Brand Emotion asked us to produce a series of films for a Fujitsu initiative to inspire young people to explore a career in the STEM subjects. We were tasked to produce 10 x 3-minute location films and a number of green screen pieces for the People Like Us website.

These films are intimate profile pieces, each focusing on a character who has forged a successful and fulfilling career in diverse areas of science, technology and engineering — in often surprising ways — from a rollercoaster designer to a television network engineer.

The series invites a teenage audience to look into each character’s career and life, thereby inspiring the viewer to consider what a similar career path might look like for them.

After casting the participants, each film involved an on-location shoot, with contributors interviewed about their subject in an environment relevant to their job. For example, a biochemist was interviewed in a high tech lab, an RAF pilot was filmed on an air base and a Royal Engineer was followed over the course of a high-profile army training exercise.

With most locations being in highly secure, a small crew of a Producer/Director, Soundperson and Cinematographer was vital to ensure a quick and efficient shoot. This meant that minimal disruption was caused during the filming, which happened over a single day for per contributor.

The footage was then taken back to our studio and distributed to our editors, who were then able to cut the films remotely and collaborate online with the director and producers for feedback. This workflow meant that the editors could work on subsequent films whilst awaiting feedback for the last edit.

The Outcome

Richard and his team, delivered some stunning films on a really tight budget. The client is delighted with the end product and the website is set to help thousands of school children choose the career for them!

Roger Price
Executive Producer, Brand Emotion
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