Film and TV Studio in London - Broadley Studio
Film and TV Studio in London - Broadley Studio
Film and TV Studio in London - Broadley Studio

Case Study:
Peloton Live Stream

Multi-camera Live Stream

The Peloton Live Stream Solution

Peloton,  a self-described “media-technology-retail-logistics” business, is one of only a handful of global live class streaming studios to maintain full content production throughout the pandemic. The decision to prioritise filming live stream classes proved to be a gamechanger, accelerating growth way beyond forecast with a fast track expansion into the UK and Northern Europe.

Originally, Peloton rose to prominence by creating an excellent customer experience through the breadth and personalisation of its fitness classes, features designed to get customers hooked. Once locked down, it’s community latched on to live class connectivity and the wellness benefits in isolation. Establishing a London content studio was intrinsic to reaching new markets, and how Broadley came to win a tender to host Peloton during 6 months of peak 2021 lockdown.

The Tech

Full Studio 1 Gallery including Blackmagic Constellation, 10x Panasonic UE70, Tally System, 2x LiveU Streaming Box, 4x Arri Fresnels, DPA Radio Mic System

Our Response

Broadley swiftly established Covid protocols from March 2020 and offered everything Peloton required, a central London location, full high spec tech, crew and Covid secure, welcoming studio facilities. Crucially, our live stream expertise stood out from competitors.

Broadley is founder owner run and operated, meaning adaptability matches decision making in speed and flexibility, and the studio can accommodate the most transformative client requests. The client bought into an entire studio take over including office space, with the team providing Studio and Tech infrastructure, lights, cameras, all streaming capabilities.

Our creative, live stream and TV producing experience is second to none, an advantage to our client who briefed us to scout and cast an all new UK talent team from the fitness industry, creating new live class icons for the brand relevant to the new UK and Northern European markets growth drive. Check-out stand out stars @assal_arian and @benjaminalldis to name just two.

The pandemic helped Broadley to pivot, stretch and flex, qualities shaping our response to client needs every day since.

Broadley is our favourite central London Studio

Peloton Team Member
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