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Case Study: Music Video - Saviour by Oliver Anderson Using VP

Oliver Anderson
Virtual Production and Live Action Music Video
September 2023

Saviour Music Video Brief

To create a mixed practical and Virtual Production music video for the artist Oliver Anderson.

The Tech

Sony FX9, G Master Primes, Canon CN7 17-120 T2.8, Mo-Sys StarTracker Max, Infinity Set, Unreal Engine 5.0, Davinci Fusion.

The Solution Delivered

SAVIOUR is Oliver Anderson’s latest soft rock release, styled similarly to Hozier’s ‘Take Me To Church’ and Kaleo’s ‘Way Down We Go.’

We wanted to derive looks based on each and expand on them to create a video both unique and familiar. We opted for a hybrid shooting style, where one half of the video is colorama-based practical, with the other half contrasting as a narrative sequence.

Our unique approach to the Virtual Production set pieces utilised our proprietary in-house pipeline for colour management and compositing. Since we recorded all of our tracking data during principal photography, we are able to re-engineer virtual locations in the edit, and update our selected shots to fit creative pivots. Doing this also allowed us to create a faux-anamorphic look, perfect for the flickering candles and highlight pops in our Virtual locations!

Alongside our band coverage day, we aimed to shoot across 4 different virtual locations on our second day. Because of the scale and complexity of the story running through ‘Saviour,’ this was only achievable using Virtual Production. We chose to shoot across 3 different locations within our cathedral, and then a completely different exterior location. To achieve this, we also had to manage 4 lighting changes across the day, and reposition our virtual lighting to accommodate our 3-wall studio space.

The Outcome

Across 2 days, we shot a complete music video utilising a unique mixture of practical location and virtual set based styles.In total, we turned over on 54 takes on our single Virtual Production day, worked across 4 different environments, and managed several complete lighting changes. With our experienced crew, we successfully wrapped on time, with a standard 10hour day, a single camera, and Broadley’s experienced Virtual Production crew.
Isobel Drane
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