Film and TV Studio in London - Broadley Studio
Film and TV Studio in London - Broadley Studio
Film and TV Studio in London - Broadley Studio

Case Study:
Jigsaw Wars Video Production

Jigsaw Wars/David Smith
Multi-camera TV Gameshow
June 2022

Jigsaw Wars Video Production Brief

To provide full video production for a pilot TV Gameshow, Jigsaw Wars.

The Tech

This video production used 4 x Sony FX9s, 1 x Panasonic UE150, 2 x Panasonic UE70, 6 x Sennheiser Radio Mics, 1 x Sennheiser In Ear Monitor, Blackmagic Atem Constellation, Yamaha TF1 Digital Sound Console.

The Solution Delivered

When the show’s creative team approached us with a concept for a TV show pilot, we were excited to help bring the vision to the screen. The show consisted of having 2 teams racing against the clock and each other to complete a 500-piece puzzle all commentated  on live by commentators.

The video production was shot by 7 cameras and fed into our Blackmagic Constellation which produced a near-finished show. We set up FX9 camera in the studio which gave us coverage of the contestants in a wide shot and also tighter shots too. A fourth FX9 was then used to provide closeups and detail shots of the contestants as they completed the jigsaw.

The 2 UE70 cameras were then mounted to the grid above to give a birds eye view of the jigsaw and allowed a view which showed the completion of the jigsaw. In another room, away from the studio, the final camera, UE150, was setup to have a 2 shot of the commentators.

The video production was shot “as live” and a line cut produced of the action.

A robust technical audio solution needed to be setup to cater for the audio from the studio and also from the commentators room. As we didn’t want the contestants to be hearing the commentators during the show, a separate audio mix was created to feed the commentators audio into the mixing desk and a goose neck mic was installed in the room to provide communication between the commentators and the presenter.

All the camera ISO feeds were then recorded directly onto the camera (FX9s) or onto Blackmagic 4K Hyperdecks and a recording PC (for the PTZ’s). This work flow allows freedom in the edit too in case something was missed during the original cut or to create additional content for social media.

The Outcome

I cannot speak highly enough of Richard and his wonderful team. He and Arjun especially were so supportive from the first initial meeting, right through to the end. Contributing not only technical input, but also suggested creative solutions that each time improved the project.

The facilities are great and any challenges, that naturally occur during filming, were solved with zero stress. I wouldn't hesitate to return to BROADLEY STUDIOS. One of my favourite and enjoyable days of filming ever.

David Smith
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