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Case Study: Google Pixel Live Stream Training

Google, EE and Quadmark
Virtual Live Stream Training
April 2022

Google Pixel Live Stream Training Brief

To produce a 30 minute live stream training event for Google, with a full production service for their virtual event using one Sony FX9 camera, virtual set customisation for live chroma-key green screen and post-production support. To facilitate and stream a recorded session from our studio to clients of Google worldwide.

The Tech

Sony FX9, Autocue, Yamaha TF1 Audio Mixer, Tricaster II Elite, 3 Seinheisser MKE2 Lav Radio Mics, Dante Virtual Soundcard

The Solution Delivered

Quadmark approached us to assist them in the production of a live stream training event from Google to promote their new Google Pixel phone range. The live stream event hosted three members from Google’s marketing team, streamed via Microsoft teams to a group of EE shopfront staff.

The live stream training consisted of having one Sony FX9 camera sending a feed to the Tricaster where we created a variety of different shots using the Tricaster’s internal framing tools. Quadmark also provided some videos to be used as a  presentation in the virtual set. This meant adapting the Virtual Set that Quadmark had provided to incorporate the moving elements into the different shots that were used.

As we were streaming into a Teams call, Quadmark provided the login, which we were able to streaming directly into using the Tricaster direct output.

The Outcome

Really well equipped studio with lots of experience, everyone there was super friendly, experienced, and happy to muck in. Just a really pleasant place to work from!

Tim Allen
Producer, Quadmark
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