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Film and TV Studio in London - Broadley Studio
Film and TV Studio in London - Broadley Studio

Case Study:
Fujitsu Hybrid Event

Fujitsu and Brand Emotion
Hybrid Event Production
March 2022

Fujitsu Hybrid Event Brief

To provide a Fujitsu Hybrid Event in Central London with a live and remote audiences and seamless integration of remote and local presenters.

The Tech

Active PA system, Sennheiser G4 Wireless Microphone systems, DPA Headset Microphones, Yamaha TF1 Digital Sound Console, HD550 Livestream Production Unit, LiveU+ Bonded 4G Streaming Encoder, 100" 4K TV Screen, 3 x Sony X70 Camcorders.

The Solution Delivered

Having seen what we could do from our Studios in Marylebone, Brand Emotion challenged us to provide a technical solution for an onsite Fujitsu hybrid event. The task was more challenging as no access was granted to the Fujitsu local network and we had to create a solution to bring remote callers and stream to Zoom Webinar without internet.

With corporate events slowly opening back up and allowing people to visit locations and shows, online conferences have started to evolve by combining face to face events and virtual audiences. While the need for virtual online events still exists with an even more connected world.

The Fujitsu Hybrid Event required robust technical solutions to cater to both in person and remote audiences. We had a staged setup in the venue with a moderator, 2 in person presenters and a remote presenter shown on the centre screen on stage, all of whom could have a 2-way conversation.

We used the Livestream Studio HD550 production switcher with 3 camera inputs, a remote guest input to provide a live mix of the event, the programme mix was streamed through the Live U+ encoder back to a remote MCR in order to feed it into the Zoom Webinar session.

Because of the security surrounding the clients network we could not access dedicated internet to broadcast with. We found that by using a combination of the bonded cellular network on the Livestream Studio HD550 to bring in the remote caller and the LiveU+ (which allowed for us to bond 2 internal, 2 external modems and 2 Wi-Fi networks) which allowed us to have a rock-solid internet connection for the RTMP stream out to the remote MCR.

The Fujitsu Hybrid Event stream was a great success.

The Outcome

Broadley smashed this out of the park again!

Roger Price
Executive Producer, Brand Emotion
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