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Film and TV Studio in London - Broadley Studio
Film and TV Studio in London - Broadley Studio

Case Study:
Fujitsu Activate Now 2021

Brand Emotion
Green Screen Multi-Camera Pre-records
September 2021

The Fujitsu Activate Now Brief

To produce pre-recorded content for the Fujitsu Activate Now Conference 2021

The Tech

3 Sony FX9 Cameras, Tricaster II Elite, Tricaster Virtual Set Editor Newtek Talkshow, vMix, Yamaha TF1 Digital Sound Mixer, Sennheiser Radio Microphones, Editshare.

The Solution Delivered

After working with Brand Emotion to deliver the Fujitsu Activate Now Summit 2020, the largest Virtual conference of that year! Reaching in excess of 350 thousand people. Brand Emotion came to us to help produce the 2021 summit.

We were tasked with providing a new and streamlined workflow that enabled the client to deliver an almost finished pre-recorded session immediately after the recording was completed for approval purposes. The turn around times were to be really tight and with multiple stakeholders within Fujitsu, they needed content to be signed off in a timely fashion.

Studio camera feeds were ingested into the Tricaster, and a virtual background was applied, and the programme was cut live, all graphics were composited live along with lower thirds and VT’s. All keyed camera ISOs were recorded straight to the Editshare along with the finished programme record, this enabled editors to start work on the footage immediately after the sessions were finished.

This workflow enabled us to deliver the client a film for approval, hours after the session was finished. Time was of the essence with this project and this workflow enabled an efficient time effective workflow and programme delivery.

The majority of the pre-records also had a virtual caller element brought into studio either by vMix or Skype TX and these were routed into the studio for the presenters and studio guests onto confidence monitors. Previously the studio team had arranged tech checks with the callers, which involved checking their internet speeds, webcam position and audio settings. The purpose of this was to ensure great results every time and it made sure the contributors were relaxed and focused when it came to their session, something that is of real importance in this type of event.

A highlight of this year’s summit was Richard Branson joining us remotely from Naka Island via vMix and interviewed by the BBC's Clive Myrie. A very high-profile live feed that had to be executed perfectly and with no room for error. We made sure to test the vMix link with Sir Richard’s assistant to ensure that there were no connection drops or audio mishaps.

Due to the complexity of these records, we had to ensure that the audio was recorded efficiently. This involved using our Dante Virtual Soundcard to assign audio channels from the in-studio guests, who were wearing Sennheiser True Diversity lavellier mics, as well as our remote callers to the Yamaha TF1. This enabled us to control the individual channels of the guest and mix the audio live to account for any unexpected background noise. The original audio was also recorded for backup and reference purposes. As we also had remote callers, the presenters and in-studio guests required Sennheiser IEMs to be able to hear the guests from Skype TX or vMix.

The Outcome

Broadley provided a more streamlined solution for Fujitsu Activate Now Summit 2021. Getting near finished films moments after we finished recording, really sped up our review process and meant that we could submit them to our client a lot sooner than before.

We have already engaged the Broadley Team for the 2022 event.

Roger Price
Producer, Brand Emotion
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