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Film and TV Studio in London - Broadley Studio
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Case Study: 48 Hour Film Competition Using Virtual Production

Virtual Production Short Film
September 2023

The Film Competition Brief

This film competition was simple: write, shoot, edit and submit a Sin City inspired film using Virtual Production in 48 Hours.

The Tech

For the Virtual Production Film Competition, we used: 1 x FX9, 1 x Canon CN7 17-120mm T2.95, Brainstorm InfinitySet, MoSys Star Tracker, Zoom F8n, 1 x Sennheiser 8060, 1 x Atomos Sumo, Editshare, Davinci Resolve and Fusion, Adobe Audition.

The Solution Delivered

Featurette approached with the challenge to produce a short VP film using motion tracked cameras, Brainstorm and Unreal Engine in 48 Hours.

Normally, a project like with such a creative brief would require weeks of pre-production researching, getting crew together, set dress and a location and then further weeks in the edit and grade.

Virtual Production allowed a more agile workflow. While the Director and Producer were working with the writer to write the script, the Virtual Set designer was modifying an environment. This gave us a base to start filming with.

Using Brainstorm InfinitySet, we were able to key out the talent and set and produce real time renders of the actors in the Virtual Environment as we moved the camera around. This helped the DOP design creative shots, assigned lighting to the correct places and immersed the actors into environments that would not have been cost effective.

Once we had completed filming, the editing process started. Using our bespoke Post Production pipeline, our VP Producer started finessing the green screen key and re-rendering the background plates to match the S-Log 3 camera profile. Virtual Production allowed us to Virtually Art Design after our filming day and in real time give feedback to the Designer about what worked and what didn’t. If we didn’t like the shade or style of a kitchen or couch, we were able to change it.

One of the more time consuming parts of the editing process is waiting for colourist or sound engineers or in this case 3D plate renders to complete their work so the next part of the process can continue. With our Editshare and Davinci Cloud, the VFX supervisor, Editor, Compositor and Colourist were able to simultaneously work on the same project to allow for a seamless editing workflow.

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