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Film and TV Studio in London - Broadley Studio
Film and TV Studio in London - Broadley Studio

Case Study: Dizz Academy YouTube Dating Show

Dizz Academy
Multi-camera YouTube Dating Show
July 2022

YouTube Dating Show Brief

To develop a Dizz Academy’s idea and provide a full production solution and content creation for a new YouTube dating show series.

The Tech

For this YouTube Dating Show, we used 2x Studios, 2x Broadcast Galleries, Tricaster II Elite, Black magic Constellation, vMix, NDI, 2 x Yamaha TF1 Sound Mixer, 9x Sennheiser Radio Mics, In Ear Monitors, 4x Sony FX9’s, 3x Panasonic UE150 PTZ Cameras, Active PA system, 4K TV screen, Full lighting rig equipped with Gemini RGB 2x1 panels, Kino Flo LED Light Panel

The Solution Delivered

Broadley’s two film and TV studios were set dressed and rigged with tech to capture the YouTube dating show. Studio 1 was set as a “Boys Den” and Studio 2  a dinner date setting.

In Studio 1, we provided and setup 4 Sony FX9 cameras with 24-105mm lenses, allowing us the flexibility we needed with the various shots required in studio; an ultra-wide shot, a wide shot (both locked off), and then one on each side of the studio for singles and two shot close ups. This gave us the variety for Directors cut of the Dizz Academy (part of the Dizz Group) YouTube show and caught the facial expressions of the guy’s reaction whilst watching their friend’s in their date.

They also had the ability to chat to their friend on the date via a hidden IEM earpiece. The footage was all recorded on to XQD cards which were all backed up during the day  onto our Editshare.

All 5 guys were mic’d up with Sennheiser Lavelier radio mics, and they had a gooseneck microphone to allow communication between the reaction room and the date room.

A 50” TV was showing the feed from Studio 2, which was sent via NDI from Studio 2 gallery direct to Studio 1 gallery, using a fibre link between the 2 studios, inputting from the gallery and outputting to the TV in Studio 1. This means the 5 guys could watch their friends date in real-time.

In Studio 2, we provided and setup 3 Panasonic UE 150 PTZ cameras, operated using a control panel in Studio 2 gallery powered by the Tricaster II Elite. The Tricaster was used to monitor and record each camera feed onto the Editshare and send a feed over NDI to Studio 1. Using NDI, we could input the camera feeds onto vMix, which allowed us to send the feeds through BNC to anywhere in Studio 1. We have a feed in the green rooms for the clients to watch the YouTube show as it unfolded, and in the studio for the guys to watch the date in real time.

From the day the clients approached us with their idea, we were given 2 days to plan, develop and manage this project. We then had 2 days of production which run perfectly on each day, we pulled off this project with a quick turnaround and high-quality results.

Creating quality content and giving the clients what they want is what we do here at Broadley.

The Outcome

The studio was fantastic, everything was provided that we needed. The staff was welcoming and accommodated every request that we had. it was a pleasure working with you and hope to do it again in the future.

Conor Scannell
Producer, Dizz Academy
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