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Case Study
Online Fitness Brand - Cross-Platform Content Creation

Online Fitness Brand
Virtual Reality 3D workout videos and photographs for promotional use on socials
March 2024

Online Fitness Brand - Cross-Platform Project

In today's digital landscape, crafting cross-platform content is essential for digital agencies, creatives, and individuals striving to make their brands, content, and ideas stand out in a crowded digital marketplace.

At Broadley Studios, we offer a comprehensive solution to meet all your content creation needs in one place. Recently, we've had the pleasure of collaborating with clients to bring their cross-platform content visions to life.

One such noteworthy project involved a dynamic 3D video and photography endeavor spanning two days.

The Brief:  A Cross-Continental Project

This project was truly international in scope.

A production company partnered with an Online Fitness brand to produce Virtual Reality 3D workout videos on green screen alongside photographs for promotional use across social platforms.

Approaching us two months before the planned shoot, they entrusted us with most of the crew and equipment requirements, except for a rare, now-out-of-production 3D camera.

After meticulous planning through a series of consultations, we scheduled two days of filming and photography.

For the shoot, we provided a comprehensive crew including the Director of Photography, Gaffer, 1st Assistant Director, Sound Recordist, Hair and Makeup Artist, Costume Team, and Studio Runner, along with our in-house DOP lighting package.

Simultaneously, we transformed another studio into a photography set, complete with lighting equipment, backdrop, and a dedicated photographer and assistant. Additionally, we ensured the provision of catering, offering healthy and delicious options to fuel the team throughout the shoot.

Effective planning was paramount, especially given the project's cross-border and cross-time-zone nature. Through meticulous coordination, we ensured a smooth and efficient shoot.

The Solution Delivered

Upon completion of the project, the client departed Broadley Studios with all the content required to edit their VR workout videos and promote them through captivating stills.

By consolidating cross-platform content creation in one location, we offered a cost-effective solution. Moreover, maintaining consistency in on-screen aesthetics, talent, costume, hair, and makeup ensured seamless continuity across all content.

The unified starting point for post-production processes further streamlined the workflow.

Broadley Studios' commitment to delivering exceptional cross-platform content creation solutions is unwavering. By leveraging our expertise and resources, we empower clients to realise their content creation visions efficiently and effectively.

This successful partnership underscores our dedication to excellence and innovation in the ever-evolving realm of content production.


First of all, thank you very much for these two days of shooting, you are a great team of professionals, everything went perfect, so thank you very much for the effort of all.

Online Fitness Brand
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