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Case Study
CAMS - Suicide Prevention Training Films

Sobriety Films & CAMS led by Professor Zaffer Iqbal
Broadley Studios – a POSITIVE project
June 2023

Broadley Studios, driven by its commitment to supporting impactful projects, partnered with CAMS (Crisis Assessment and Management Service) and Sobriety Films, a renowned film production company, to create a series of training films focused on suicide prevention within the NHS community. This case study highlights the successful collaboration between Broadley Studios, CAMS, Sobriety Films, and the visionary leader Prof Zaffer Iqbal. Together, we have created a valuable resource for clinicians.

CAMS is a dedicated organisation specialising in crisis intervention and suicide prevention. Under the leadership of Prof Zaffer Iqbal, CAMS provides support and training to mental health professionals within the NHS. Their innovative approaches, including drama role-play in a therapeutic setting, aim to enhance therapeutic interventions and reduce the risk of suicide.

CAMS Training Films Brief

Sobriety Films, led by founder Maddie Kitchen, is a social enterprise that utilises film to raise awareness and promote recovery from addiction, mental health issues, and trauma. Recognised for their storytelling expertise and cinematic techniques, Sobriety Films collaborated with CAMS to create training films that add depth and emotional impact to the dramatic role-play sessions. This collaboration addresses the critical need for suicide prevention resources within the NHS.

Broadley Studios' Contribution

Sobriety Films sought the support of Broadley Studios to facilitate a comprehensive production service. For these training films, Broadley provided the fully equipped Studio 2 and an in-house Director of Photography (DOP) to support Maddie in her directorial role. Our team meticulously executed every aspect of the shoot, including creating a therapeutic set design that accurately reflected the intense and personal nature of the drama role-play sessions. This environment was crucial for capturing the techniques needed to identify signs and prevent suicide among patients effectively.

As part of our commitment to being an active and socially responsible studio, we absorbed approximately 75% of the production costs through our "Positive" program. Leveraging our in-house resources, which included expert camera operators, DOP, experienced editors, and talented set designers, Broadley Studios ensured a seamless and efficient production process. Over the course of two full days, we delivered 17 edits, resulting in a comprehensive collection of training films designed to equip clinicians with the necessary tools to identify and treat individuals suffering from suicidal ideation.

The Impact

The collaboration between CAMS, Sobriety Films, and Broadley Studios holds great potential to make a significant impact on suicide prevention within the NHS. The training films provide clinicians with invaluable tools to identify and address suicidal ideation effectively. By simulating real-life therapeutic interactions through drama role-play, the films empower clinicians to refine their skills and enhance patient care, ultimately saving lives.

The Tech

For the production of the training films, we utilised fully equipped Studio 2, Sony FX9 cameras, a Yamaha TF1 Sound Mixer, Sennheiser Radio Mics, In-Ear Monitors, and a full lighting rig equipped with nine Gemini RGB 2x1 panels, Kino Flo LED light panels, and Ianiro Fresnels. Our in-house editor cut and graded over 3 hours of final output using Premier Pro within our dedicated gallery, ensuring the highest quality and attention to detail for the final 17 edits to the client.

The "Positive" Corporate Social Program

Broadley Studios' dedication to corporate social responsibility is embodied in our "Positive" program. This initiative underscores our commitment to supporting projects that have a positive impact on society. By absorbing a significant portion of the production costs for the CAMS collaboration, we demonstrate our financial and technical support for causes aligned with our POSITIVE values. The partnership between CAMS, Sobriety Films and Broadley Studios has resulted in the creation of a powerful series of suicide prevention training films for NHS healthcare professionals. This collaboration represents a significant step forward in equipping clinicians with the necessary skills to identify and address suicidal ideation effectively. We’re always open to supporting socially valuable film projects and if you’ve a project you feel worthy please contact us at [email protected].


I had a wonderful experience shooting at Broadley last week. The staff are super professional, friendly and helpful. The facilities are excellent, from the comfort and luxury design of the green room to the technical, spatial and ergonomic architecture of the studio. Broadley has such a great creative energy and flowing ambience - it’s a real joy to create there.
- Maddie Kitchen, Sobriety Films
We were delighted to use Broadley for the filming of our training videos. The environment was the perfect balance between professionalism and personality. We were welcomed, catered to and were never made to feel like we were a hassle, no matter how many takes were required! The whole team were so welcoming and really set us at ease, which allowed us to create some really wonderful and impactful training videos on working with suicidality. The team were responsive to feedback and we felt the whole process was very collaborative and reciprocal.
- Professor Iqbal Zaffer & Nicola Airey
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