Film and TV Studio in London - Broadley Studio
Film and TV Studio in London - Broadley Studio

Training Films - NHS CAMS Care

February 28, 2023 by Addi Merrill

Broadley Studios dedicate time and resources to support a variety of socially conscious projects every year from training films to live streaming events. Our commitments range from enabling film and TV studio production here in Marylebone to going out on location, facilitating global live streaming events. We launched our Corporate Social Responsibility program ‘Positive’ in 2017 and since then have gratefully supported a range of charities and NGO’s including The United Nations and Children in Need.

Studio Founder and MD Richard Landy, believes passionately in giving back by making a valid and meaningful contribution towards a fairer, kinder, and more equitable world. “We’re always willing to help with creating content with Positive values and we try to support productions which support good causes”. It’s in this spirit we collaborate with socially responsible initiatives to make a positive change for both people and our planet.

Training Films to Save Lives

Sobriety Films approached Broadley to support the full end to end production of a series of 17 training films on behalf of CAMS (Collaborative Assessment & Management of Suicidality) framework. Suicide prevention is a very real concern and close to the hearts of team Broadley. We sincerely hope that by facilitating this nationwide first in comprehensive video training for the NHS, the teachings within the films will help better identify those at risk earlier and help curb the needless waste of lives to suicide in the UK each year.

CAMS will now be available to in the UK and will provide a new Suicide Intervention and Prevention strategy for clinicians to save lives. To find out more please visit

For these training films, Broadley crafted an intimate, therapeutic set design, where Professor Zaffer Iqbal lead a role play with fellow clinician and actress Nicola Airey in therapeutic conversation. The content was shot in self-contained Studio 2 with its own entrance, kitchenette, green room, and en-suite dressing room. The capture was from our in-house multi-cam Sony FX9 rig and we delivered 17 final cuts totalling 3.5 hours of training content.

Zaffer Iqbal

Professor & Clinical Director Psychological Services, NAViGO

“A wonderful experience with a fantastic team. Could not have asked for more, and it was a pleasure to be able to work alongside such brilliant professionals who really cared about ensuring what we produced was a fantastic product. Thank you so much to Sobriety Films UK and everyone at Broadley Studios. We are now on the cusp of having an NHS specific foundational video course for one of the very few causal evidence-based treatments for suicide risk. Exciting times ahead.”

Maddy Kitchen

Sobriety Films

Had a wonderful experience shooting at Broadley last week.

The staff are super professional, friendly and helpful. The facilities are excellent, from the comfort and luxury design of the green room to the technical, spatial, and ergonomic architecture of the studio.

Broadley has such a great creative energy and flowing ambience - it’s a real joy to create there.”

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Training Films - NHS CAMS Care

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