Alan Blake's Challenge - Fine Young Films

We decided to make this video called Alan Blake's Challenge for our friend's father, Alan Blake, who at the ripe old age of 90, decided to raise money for not one, but THREE different charities with Parkinson's Disease being one of them.

Alan suffers from Rheumatoid Arthritis, his wife Val has lived with Parkinson's for the last 20 years, with Alan as her primary carer and despite himself suffering, he has done this with immense love and care. 

Inspired by Sir Captain Tom Moore, Alan set himself the challenge of climbing his 120 steep steps in his back garden until he'd climbed the equivalent of Mount Everest. Since then, he has been steadily climbing for the last year and, so far, achieved 80,000 steps and raised over £23,000!

Making Alan Blake's Challenge

Whilst making this video, not only did we have fun, but we also received enormous help and support from various individuals and companies nationwide. From the very beginning, we couldn’t have imagined using anything other song than The Proclaimers ‘500 Miles’, and once we had their blessing (Thank You!) we were on our way to making something quite special.

Many helping hands came from all around, one came from BBC Hereford and Worcester who very kindly let us use some existing footage they had already filmed of Alan the previous year. A local company, DroneMaster Productions, also stepped up and offered their services to film some drone footage of Alan. The London based, Broadley Studios, generously invited us to use one of their slick green screen studios to film Actor and friend, Fraser James, for the video narration. And lastly, Fine Young Films, based in Nailsworth, that helped to assemble and edit the video. 

During the making of the video, Alan unfortunately did suffer a couple of falls and we were all concerned that this was too much of a challenge for him, but amazingly, through both times he pulled through and was keen as ever to get back to the job in hand! Alan is an incredible man to be praised and supported for his huge heart and selfless mission to raise money for Parkinson’s and two other charities. It was an honour to be a part of and we hope you spread the word! to donate

Credits: Narrator – Fraser James, The Proclaimers, BBC Hereford & Worcester, Dronemaster Productions, Broadley Studios, Fine Young Films, Pete Rowe.

People Like Us

Were you ever get asked what you wanted to do when you were younger? Did you know? To help the next generation, Fujitsu has launched a programme to inspire young people to learn about a career in the STEM subjects (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths). 

People like Us explores the careers of 10 young adults who are working in really cool jobs in STEM related fields and helps young people get over the stigma that jobs in STEM are boring. Take a look at some of the cool stuff you can do:

Broadley Studio content creation for People Like Us

After casting a group of 10 people spanning a range of careers for People Like Us, the Broadley Team filmed a series of videos interviewing and showcasing some of the different careers that are available by following the STEM subjects. The contributors careers ranged from Telecommunications Engineer with the British Army to Experience Creators for roller coasters at theme parks. Some of the other roles include: Broadcast Engineer, Games Developer and Producing for TV and Film (like me!). 

Following a short quiz on the website, the young people are shown the videos based on the answers they have given leading them down a path that would give them more information for their chosen career.

Broadley really enjoyed producing this content for Fujitsu and Brand Emotion! Our crew went on lots of on-location shoots, with contributors interviewed about their subject in an environment relevant to their job. For example, a biochemist was interviewed in a high tech lab, an RAF pilot was filmed on an air base and a Royal Engineer was followed over the course of a high-profile army training exercise. 

Check out the website here:

Out of Darkness Films

Over the years, Broadley Studio has collaborated with Holocaust Learning UK and Tapestry Pictures to create free educational content called Out of Darkness for students across the United Kingdom. After completing our most recent project together, we received some heart-warming response letters from both groups.

“A huge thank you yet again to everyone at Broadley Studio, for supporting our series, ‘Out of Darkness’, made for Holocaust Learning UK. By providing free studio time and equipment, Broadley enabled Tapestry Pictures to produce high quality films that fully engage their young audiences…

In these films, which are delivered free to schools and colleges, real survivors and young actors tell the story of the Holocaust through eyewitness accounts. The aim is not merely to help schools bring alive a core part of the history curriculum but, more importantly, to show students that all it takes for evil to triumph is for good people to do nothing” says Richard Hill of Tapestry Pictures in his recent letter to Broadley.

Out of Darkness Short Films

Our team welcomed the opportunity to donate the studio resources needed for this important project to help ensure that future generations have access to a wealth of knowledge. For over 20 Years, Holocaust Learning UK have been carrying out this mission with great success and many have shared their thoughts on the experience.

Tapestry Pictures’ next film features the survivor, Steven Frank, and tells the story of the Holocaust from the perspective of Holland under occupation. Already, teachers have registered over 200,000 students to watch the films this year – a huge success in itself.

After filming Out of Darkness, Shelley Miller from Holocaust Learning UK, reached out to us with a few words of gratitude:

“On behalf of Holocaust Learning UK, I wanted to drop you a note to thank you very much, once again, for letting us use [Broadley] studio for the latest ‘Out of the Darkness’ docufilms…

Your help and support over these two years has enabled Tapestry to produce truly excellent films for us. As a direct result of your generosity, we’ve been able to be ambitious about the films in terms of their range, scope and content and the quality achieved adds enormously to their accessibility within schools…

Thank you again and all good wishes

Shelley Miller, Holocaust Learning UK.

Here are some comments from the people who’ve seen the films…

“It made clear to students that we were talking about people of their age and younger, who experienced these horrific events, and that the issues raised are contemporary as well as historical.”

A Teacher, Bishop Vesey’s Grammar School

“After hearing Janine’s story, I am encouraged not to be a bystander, and to speak up when there is an unjust situation, because if everyone did this many future genocides could be prevented.”
Year 11 Student

“We shall be using this excellent film as part of our training sessions for documentary makers.”
Valerie Kleeman, Founder, Whicker’s World Foundation

To find out more about the films click here.

Netflix - Too Hot to Handle: Extra Hot

Sun, Sex, and a group of rowdy 20-something-year-olds… what more could you want in a Netflix TV show!? Well, Lana, a sassy AI assistant, wanted less! 

To get to know the contestants and find out what they had been up to on the island, Netflix asked our hottest Broadley members to help produce Too Hot to Handle: Extra Hot, a chat show-esc YouTube series featuring all our favourite hotties. Chloe Veitch, from Season 1 of THTH (it’s what all the cool kids call it), interviews and gets to know the “sexy sorts” (attractive people) from the latest season and squeezes all the gossip out of them.

Netflix THTH Welcomes Chloe Veitch

Too Hot to Handle: Extra Hot welcomes Chloe Veitch along with familiar faces from Season 2, including winner Melvin (<3) and the challengers from Season 3 to as Chloe would say, “spill the tea” on what happened in the Villa.

With a set inspired by the Caribbean THTH location, our Broadley team set up the gradient lighting and made the beautiful people on camera look even better (How is that even possible? Maybe I can hire one of them to take pictures of me…)

We are super happy and proud of the team involved with the success of the shows, which have racked up more than 5 million views on YouTube. We thank Netflix for choosing us to host the first 2 seasons of Extra Hot and can’t wait for the next season!

I just have one request, where’s my invite???


Chloe Veitch

Channel 4 – Comedians V Food

Comedians V Food – Two comedians compete in a series of messy challenges but only one will be crowned champion

Tim Van Someren on Comedians V Food:

Tim said “The reality of making television is that whatever the scale or budget of your production, the challenges remain the same.”

“Comedians Versus Food was a commission for 4Studio, Channel 4’s digital content division, and was not perhaps as blessed with resources as a full TV broadcast production might be. But everyone involved will always want to make the best possible piece of content, with the highest production and entertainment values.”

“Thankfully, Richard and the guys at Broadley Studios always find a way to deliver, thanks to their excellent production space and resourceful attitude.”

Comedians vs Food: Entertainment TV

“Filming entertainment TV is all about telling a story - when two best-mate comedians are trying to game each other through the medium of eating, there are sub-plots a plenty! There are a surprising amount of angles you need to cover to tell all those stories and by using their remote cameras, in-house lighting, super-keen crews and a very generous problem-solving and “can-do” spirit, we managed to make a hilarious and original piece of content look as if it had cost 10 times the budget.”

“The editorial team from Rockerdale worked incredibly hard to get the best talent - and food - for the show, and we really wanted to do it justice.”

“Thanks to the crew at Broadley we delivered on their brief, and did so on time and on budget!”

BT – Unbreakable Disco

Unbreakable Disco - BT’s star-studded virtual event celebrating the pandemic’s ‘Unbreakable Heroes’.

Captured on 6 cameras with Sony Fx9s and Panasonic PTZs, Sophie Ellis Bextor’s  ‘Unbreakable Disco’ was a vibrant, celeb-tastic virtual event honouring  BT’s ‘ Unbreakable Heroes’ of the pandemic.

Sophie  - whose Kitchen Discos kept us dancing, was helped by Joe Wicks  - workout guru, and Fearne Cotton of Dancing Kittens fame as she celebrated the unsung heroes who used the internet to help people stay connected during Lockdown.

Sophie Ellis-Bextor on Unbreakable Disco

Sophie said 'BT's Unbreakable Disco is a special moment to recognise these everyday Unbreakables who kept us going during difficult times. With a set-list dedicated to the heroes and some special shout-outs, I'm excited to dance the night away in honour of all the inspirational stories emerging from lockdown.'

Laura Llewelyn Jones, co-founder of The West End of Wales Orchestra, Chris Jowsey, host of weekly lockdown online pub quizzes, and Kerry Irving  who documented daily dog walks with Springer Spaniels Max, Paddy and Harry were just three of the unsung heroes celebrated.

Whilst other celebs involved included Romesh Ranganathan, Gary Barlow, Chris Martin, Gordon Ramsey and Mylene Klass.

We cut the show live with our TC2 Elite and uploaded  the dual encoded stream via Vmix to YouTube at 4K.

Out of the Darkness by Holocaust Learning UK

We are proud to have facilitated the shooting of the Out of Darkness film for Holocaust Learning UK at Broadley Studios, having donated all studio time and equipment free of charge. Please read on below...

For the last 19 years, Holocaust Learning UK, has invited students from schools and colleges into synagogues to learn about the Holocaust. During their events, the young people meet a Holocaust survivor, hear their testimony and work in small groups with trained facilitators to explore the underlying issues of racism, bullying and discrimination that still resonate today. 

Around 35,000 students have passed through its programme and Holocaust Learning UK has been pleased to welcome all students, whether they have been sent in small subject-specific groups such as GCSE or A level History, RE or Philosophy or as part of entire year groups from Year 8 through to Sixth Form.   

Due to the COVID crisis, Holocaust Learning UK is not able to invite students into the participating synagogues in 2021, and so they have commissioned the film which will be shown in classrooms instead.

Out of the Darkness Film

The hour-long film, ‘Out of the Darkness’ includes the testimony of a Holocaust Survivor and features a rabbi and a diverse cast of teenage students, mainly from the National Youth Theatre, who deliver compelling extracts from other survivors’ testimonies.   It teaches the students about the Holocaust in the context of the Second World War, and references subsequent genocides and persecution.

Out of the Darkness is fundamentally about encouraging students to learn the lessons from the past to help build a better, safer future for everyone."Hope this is helpful,  apologies for the delay and let me know if you need anything else.  

Find out more about the film here.

Broadley Studio has been selected among the Top Video Production Companies in the United Kingdom by DesignRush for our competitive cost of video production.

Broadley facilitates Goals House live streaming for UNGA & Freuds PR

Live streaming became an essential part of the events industry this year, and back in September we broadcast a week of live streamed panels and events for the United Nations, which was organised by Freuds. The event was hosted at the brand new SOHO house at 180 The Strand which temporarily became the Goals House and the broadcast hub in which Richard Landy of Broadley was tasked to produce and provide camera crew and equipment as well as setting up an MCR (Master Control Room) taking streaming feeds from Abu Dhabi, Berlin, Kigali and of course London, which were then streamed onto a bespoke website created for the UN. Participants were able to access a specific website which safely and privately broadcasted the content to the invited guests.

The event was aimed at addressing the UN’s global goals. Back in 2015 the United Nations set up 17 goals which focus on finding solutions to tackle poverty, inequality, climate change and what is next for the human race. This event was created as a 5 year review and an opportunity to discuss the challenges and ideas for the next 10 years.

Goals House

Our London base was aptly named ‘Goals House’ where host Matt Barbet was joined by fellow hosts Meereen Baig, Karthi Gnanasegaram, Mwaka Mudenda, Emma-Louise Boynton and Gail Gallie to interview a whole range of guests on the challenges we face as a species. The interviews included both physical guests sitting in the studio and virtual guests and panels which linked participants from around the globe, enabling a tapestry of diverse voices to join discussions during the height of a global pandemic. Some of the remote guests included Richard Curtis, Sadiq Khan and Lewis Hamilton as well as content featuring HRH Prince Charles (Prince of Wales).

This event proved that live streaming and broadcasting services are a growing industry that can help us continue to share knowledge, connect with each other and learn from one another in a world where physical contact is no longer viable (for now!).

If you want to learn more about our live streaming services and how we can help you, please email Richard here.